Christmas Clearance

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Are you joining us on our Strategic Christmas 2013 Journey?

If you went through the holidays wishing you could spend less money, and more time enjoying yourself, then you will want to jump in and start preparing.

After all, Christmas isn’t over – it’s coming; it’s always coming!

Step #1 – Write down the things you buy every year.

Step #2 – Decide you won’t pay full price for that stuff!

Step # 3 – Hit those clearance racks!

Here I am on a Family Dollar clearance shopping trip.  Total in overflowing cart = $15.03 – inlcuding tax!

Cups are always on my Christmas list.  They are a nice little gift all by themselves, or you can throw in some packets of hot cocoa, coffee, or even some candy.  This simple gift is always a pleaser!

I usually buy, at least, 24 cups every year for the holidays.  Even if I purchased them at the Dollar Tree, that would still be a whopping $24.00, and that’s not even counting tax! 

That’s why one of the first Christmas gifts I buy every year are the holiday cups.  I typically buy when the Christmas clearance prices reach 90% off, but I will buy at 75% off if I think the stuff I want won’t be around to see 90%.

So, if I buy my typical 24 cups, I pay $2.40 instead of $24.00!  What a difference!

I couldn’t pass up these cute snowman salt and pepper shakers for 20 cents a set!

I grabbed a box full of these adorable miniature stockings at 10 cents each.  My grands will love these!

I figured 10 cents for 25 holiday goodie bags was a pretty good deal!

Candy canes can be eaten all winter; especially since they were 10 and 20 cents a box!

I grabbed a couple of boxes filled with these full-sized plates.  They can be given just like this as a gift, or loaded up with Christmas cookies.  Only 10 cents a piece!

You know all of those dishes you were hoping to get back after you handed  out your holiday baking this past Christmas?  Save your dishes, and use these adorable 10 cent platters!

Boy, was I happy that we didn’t find time to make our gingerbread houses before Christmas!  Do you see that $10 price tag?  I picked up three of these at a dollar a piece!  $3.00 instead of $30.00!!!

On a different trip to Family Dollar this week, I grabbed a bunch of wrapping paper.  Although it was only marked down to 50 cents a roll, I have learned from experience that it won’t stick around long enough to go any lower, so I bought it.

On that same trip, I grabbed these CD/book sets for my grandchildren at a quarter a piece.

As you can see, preparing makes all of the difference.  My wallet certainly sees the difference!


  1. Ann Keyes says

    Thank you for all the tips on preparing for Christmas 2013! I went right out after reading your article and got so many dealing at my local dollar stores. Cookie plates, cookie jar, stockings, lighting, giant bulbs for outdoor tree, garland(TONS), about 20 rolls of wide wired ribbon, 7 Santa Hot chocolate mugs,cookie platters and plates poinsettias(glittered) the list goes on….Amazing less than 15.00 dollars. Thank You so much for the boost of advise for next year and tons of SAVINGS!
    Ann Keyes

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